Formal training is extremely important for any dog, and especially crucial for pit bull type dogs. It is imperative for them to learn to demonstrate their fine characteristics, so that each individual dog can be considered an ambassador for the breed. Together as “owners” it is our responsibility to increase awareness of their great qualities and loving nature. There is no better indicator of our dogs’ boundless virtues than their behavior.

Human aggression is not a normal trait and should never be tolerated under any circumstance. But it is important to note that dog/animal aggression is inherent in this “breed”. Though it can managed, it cannot be loved or trained out of a dog.

Always be sure to search for a qualified and experienced trainer – even trainers who are well skilled may not be knowledgeable with regard to pit bull behavior. If you need assistance locating a suitable trainer, please email us at





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Please also be sure training is always all positive. Negative training will yield negative results in the long run.

Dr. P’s Dog Training: One of the best source of information about dog training and behavior on the Internet. This is where you should begin your search if you need training tips and support. Click the links below for information on behavioral issues such as: is also an excellent source of information. Don’t miss the section “Can We Help You Keep Your Pet” filled with specific tips and information such as:

Robin’s Dog Tips A weekly posting of dog behavior, health, and training tips for PAW volunteers and the general public, edited by Robin Tierney, AmStaff owner and rescuer.

PBRC Library features books about training and behavior. All profit generated from the site is donated to PBRC’s Fund. Teach your dog to be a better companion while you help dogs in need!

Want feedback on specific questions? Need to vent about your difficulties, brag about your success, or would like to share training tips? How bout meeting hundreds of people who go through the same joy and same problems with their dogs? Join PitBull-L. There are professional trainers and breed experts on the list that can help you overcome your difficulties and offer guidance for a great relationship with your dog.

Looking for a good dog trainer in specific location? Go to the APDT web site and search for a professional trainer in your area. The American Dog Trainers Network, and ACABC web site are great sources of information as well. Search the ACABC directory to find a trainer or counselor near you.

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