Kelly B. & Whitney


Over a year ago, I lost my life-long best friend Jennifer to breast cancer.  I realized how lucky I was to be able to say I had such an incredible friendship, and though not intentionally, started evaluating my other friendships and quickly realized, there was no human who could ever replace what was lost to my heart, and there was a hole there, for a very long time, as a big chunk of my heart was missing.  She was truly my sister.

Having been a “fan” of the Pitbull for a few years, I knew I always wanted one, preferably a female mix so that she was on the petite side, but also knew I would have to be in the right place to do so and I did have my little Pixie girl as an only canine for 8 years.  I had looked at PLR about a year ago and after reading, learned that it wasn’t quite ideal to bring a female to the home of an existing female, so I put that “dream” on pause for the time being.

It’s been a really hard 22 months since Jen was initially diagnosed in October of 2013, and the past 6 have probably been the hardest in my whole life, when suddenly, fate stepped in.

I was forwarded a picture of Whitney from Melissa M who works with Lori at ABC Dog Training (another AMAZING person, that Lori) and upon seeing her face, I knew she was the one.   After reading, and re-reading the adoption policies on PLR website, I decided that it wouldn’t hurt to try, but I kept my hope tempered, as I explained that my 8 year old “Malchi” was a female, on my application.

I had emailed Noreen the day after I submitted the application to go a bit further into detail regarding my home life, and why I thought we would be a good fit for Whitney, and I was in touch with Whitney’s foster Mel Bailey not long after.   She and I emailed, and scheduled a phone call on which we spent a good amount of time chatting.  She was so open to all my questions, and she asked many herself.  She would text me pictures and keep me posted to the status of Whitney’s recovery after spaying, and the next thing I know, she was at my home with Whitney for a home check visit.  When they were saying goodbye, Whitney sat right by my side as if to say, “Hey Mel – I’m home” and we all knew at that point, she was.

I get goosebumps and so choked up as I type this because for me, this has been the missing piece that I needed for filling the gaping hole in my heart and although nothing could ever truly replace Jen, Whitney has in all the ways I needed.   This wonderful creature is so loving, and playful, and cuddly.  She makes me so happy to be around her, and in those moments where I have felt sad, she is right there by my side with her head in my face, and a kiss, as if to say, “it’s okay, I got you”.

PLR not only is a network of wonderful saviors of these beautiful animals, but maybe without even knowing it, they are MY saviors too!

My gratitude will never waiver.  Thank you SO MUCH Noreen and Mel for giving me the chance to truly live and be happy again with the best baby girl ever!!!