Meet Abigail!

My name is Abigail, and I am a quiet, playful and kind girl. My foster mom says that I am incredibly well behaved on the leash because I never pull or jump. When I see other dogs during our walk, even if they are barking at me, I just keep on walking. I enjoy watching squirrels in the yard, but I don’t chase them.

As much as I love playing fetch while running off-leash in the yard, I am perfectly content to fall asleep under her chair while she works. I am lucky enough to get to sleep in the big bed every night, so I don’t move around at all. My foster dad says that I snore, but I am not so sure. I am too ladylike for that. I do love to sit on their laps when they watch TV and give lots of snuggles and kisses.

Living in a house is new to me, so I stick to my foster mom like glue when she is at home, and follow her everywhere. I don’t like to go in the yard by myself, because I am worried that I won’t be let back in the house. Inside, I am curious but never destructive. Outside, I do my business and love to run and play. When the doorbell rings, I will lift my head but never bark or run to the door. When the door has been left open, I don’t try to sneak out. Again, I am worried I won’t get back in! I sniff new people but I am getting much better about jumping up and try my best to keep all my paws on the floor.

I am working on my crate training. I have no problem being crated and will happily hop right in, if you give me a treat. I take treats gently and have just learned SIT and WAIT. Though I can be a little picky about my treats, I love my Kong and munching on fresh asparagus spears.

I have a really cute under-bite, which my foster mom cannot resist and very unique grey eyes. I am a smaller girl, full grown at only 42 pounds but I am trying to gain some weight and fill out my curves.

Abigail_Adoptable_Pit_Bull_1 Abigail_Adoptable_Pit_Bull_4 Abigail_Adoptable_Pit_Bull_5

Status **Adoption Pending**
Adoption Donation $325.00
Breed American Pit Bull Terrier
Color Grey & White
Age 2 Years
Sex Female
Size 46 lbs.

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