Meet Dolly!

Dolly is a beautiful, energetic five and a half month old Staffordshire Terrier. Dolly’s original owner surrendered her to the local animal control officer after a local vet saw that she had traumatic injuries… and was living in a life threatening situation. Dolly has injuries consistent with abuse and neglect that will have a lifetime of effects on her physically.

Dolly gets along very well with other dogs and all people. She is sweet and charming and a very silly puppy. Dolly loves playing with toys of every kind and is a typical puppy in most ways. She loves tummy rubs and tug-o-war and napping on your lap.

Dolly’s physical injuries are severe and will involve surgical intervention. A this time, we know that Dolly has suffered a Salter Harris Type 1 fracture of the right front humerus. The fracture has been untreated and has healed beyond surgical repair at this time. The hope is that she will continue to grow without any angular limb deformities. When her growth plates close at between 9-12 months of age, She may require an arthrodesis (fusion of the elbow). This will prevent discomfort of the elbow, but will also further prevent range of motion.

The hyperextension of her left carpus will require a pancarpal arthrodesis. This fusion will be to reduce pain in her left limb. These surgeries have lengthy recovery times of 8-12 weeks of stick rest with rechecks and management throughout the recovery period.

All of this hinges on how Dolly grows. It appears that her hind legs are growing and her front legs are not. This could cause further complications that will be addressed as she continues to grow. Dolly will always have an abnormal gait and some measure of arthritis.

Dolly has a very loving heart and is clearly forgiving.

She will be available for adoption once she is medically cleared.

Dolly_Adoptable_Pit_Bull_1 Dolly_Adoptable_Pit_Bull_4 Dolly_Adoptable_Pit_Bull_3

Status **Not available at this time due to orthopedic issues.**
Adoption Donation $400.00
Breed Staffordshire Terrier
Color Black & White
Age 6 months
Sex Female
Size 35 lbs.

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