Spay & Neuter

FACT: Only 1 in 600 Pit Bulls Will Find a Loving Forever Home

There are so many misconceptions about spaying/neutering.  However, it is a simple procedure that is performed every single day.  Simply put, it is irresponsible to have an unaltered dog.  It is less healthy for your dog, increases the incidence of aggression and risk of an “accidental litter.”  Only ONE out of every SIX HUNDRED pit bulls will find a lifelong loving home.  We can do better and it starts with spay/neuter.

  • 70,000 puppies and kittens are born every day in the U.S.
  • 5 million animals are put to sleep every year because they are homeless.
  • That means 16,000 pets are put to sleep every day.
  • An animal in a shelter is euthanized every 1.5 seconds.
  • Only 1 in 10 animals born in the U.S. gets a good home that lasts a lifetime (1 in 600 pit bulls).
  • For every home you find for an animal you have bred, a home is lost for a shelter animal.
  • The cost to taxpayers each year to impound, shelter, euthanize, and dispose of homeless animals is approximately 2 Billion Dollars.


It’s not a nasty word. Neutered dogs are far healthier and better neutered than their non-neutered counterparts. The #1 dog most likely to BITE is an UN-NEUTERED MALE. 

  • Less roaming, less marking (easier to housebreak), less fighting with other animals
  • Less aggressive and more affectionate
  • Calmer, easier to train, more focused on YOU and not other dogs
  • No enlarged prostate, reduced urinary problems, and less risk of testicular cancer
  • Your dog will live longer and be healthier


The best gift you can give your four-legged friend. She will certainly thank you for it.

  • Less risk of mammary cancers if spayed before the first heat.
  • Healthier, will live longer, eliminates uterine or ovarian cancer risks
  • No more risk of uterine infections that occur in un-spayed females
  • No messy house twice a year and no worries about unwanted pregnancies (females in heat can be more aggressive, cry incessantly, and display nervous behavior)


Spaying and Neutering doesn’t have to be expensive. If you can’t afford it, there are programs out there to help you. Try your local humane society or animal shelter to see if there are assistance programs. Check out SPAY USA and Friends of Animals and see if there is a low cost vet in your area. If you own a pit bull, check out PBRC, they have a listing of low cost spay/neuter programs and also offer financial assistance to get your pit bull altered.

What exactly is Neutering and Spaying? It is a surgical procedure that removes the reproductive organs of both the male and female dog. Spaying is the correct term for females and Neutering is the term for males (although the term Neutering can be used for both). Sterilized animals have better temperaments than un-sterilized animals and are less likely to bite. Altering your pets is good for the community, as there is a huge surplus of companion animals that must be destroyed. By altering your pet, you aren’t contributing to this problem.

Neutering your pet won’t make it fat or lazy (you will and they can’t open the refrigerator). The only personality changes will be positive. Your dog will be less aggressive and more affectionate. For those of you who think your dog needs to experience sex, you are reading too much into this and over identifying with your dog and that’s just plain silly.

Miracle of Birth: If you want your children to experience the miracle of birth, buy the movie. For every puppy you bring into the world, one dies in a shelter. It is a fact. If you want your children to experience the miracle of life, why don’t you foster a litter of puppies from the shelter and save their lives? Share the miracle of changing a life in a positive way and making a commitment to improving a life already here in the world.

– Courtesy of Annabell’s Second Chance Pit Bull Rescue

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